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"Riley" grew up in Idaho and began a guiding career on the Payette River in 2002. He has since guided and worked professionally on 4 continents and 9 countries. Bringing a passionate team together to celebrate Idaho Rivers is a driving force behind the early vision of the IRR. Riley owns and operates the Swiftwater Safety Institute, and is committed to increasing the professionalism in the river guiding community. 

Owner, Swiftwater Safety Institute: Jackson, Wyoming

eric Riley


Whitney Schroeder was lucky to be born and raised in Idaho, enjoying its incredible rivers from a young age. She is currently wrapping up a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Idaho. She is primarily 1 part Executive Director, 1 part Marketing and Communications Director, 2 parts nerd, and 3 parts lover of animals and outdoors (especially time on river and climbing of rocks). Too many parts?

Marketing and Communications Director, Element Grow. Moscow ID

Whitney Scroeder


'Moody' hails from Twin Falls, Idaho and has followed seasonal rounds of life along the rivers of Idaho for 16 years as a guide and student of place. His work with the University of Idaho 's Outdoor Program focuses on experiential education to cultivate stewardship of self, others, and where we are. He and his wife are currently working on convincing their cat Banjo Higgins to go rafting. Results are pending.

Outdoor Program Coordinator, University of Idaho. Moscow ID

NAte Moody


Known by some as the Avocado Panther, Dan was first introduced to the Idaho guiding community at IRR 2018. He has since fandangled his way onto a Middle Fork crew using his signature charm and unconventional looks, despite making the same stupid jokes every damn week (can we still call these street tacos if we’re in a roadless area?). For IRR this year, Dan will be implementing a cutting-edge multi-color multimedia marketing campaign as well as coordination for the Downriver Race.

Serendipititous Wisdom Engagement Officer (SWEO). Salmon ID

Dan Hobbs


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